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Rollerscreens with different types of mesh
23 November 2017

Our retractable screens can be fitted with several types of mesh, all of which we have in stock.

Elite Screen
Elite screen is a stiff fiberglass mesh, developed especially for retractable screens. As Elite Screen is stiffer than regular fiberglass screen it will roll up more easily and without forming folds in the screen.

BetterVue Elite
BetterVue Elite is a stiffer version of the standard BetterVue, it allows for 10% better insect protection and a 10% greater openness provides 20% more airflow and more optical clarity compared to standard fiberglass screen.

Solar insect Screening

Solar insect screening offers the ultimate in insect protection while at the same time stopping up to 65% of the sun’s heat and glare. This fabric also improves daytime privacy while offering excellent outward visibility.

Poll-tex anti pollen mesh
Poll-tex is designed to stop pollen from coming through the screen. Poll-tex has a Ecarf Certificate to prove this.

Retractable insect screen with BetterVue

Our retractable insect screen with a 31mm cassette is standard fitted with BetterVue improved visibility fiberglass insect screen for a clear vue outside.

The screendoor below has the OvoLock as a closure system, the OvoLock can be operated from both the inside and the outside.

Horizontal screendoor with BetterVue Elite


Water Shed Technology™
Water from a rain shower can collect in the small squares on a screen, obstructing views for up to 30 minutes after it's stopped raining.
Phifer Water Shed TechnologyTM is a  hydrophobic coating that prevents rain from collecting in the holes, giving clearer views both during and after a rain shower.
Even if it rains all day, Water Shed TechnolofyTM gives yoiu a clear outward view.
This revolutionary application not only prevents water from collecting on your screen, but it also repels dirt and debris, helping your screen stay cleaner longer and increasing its life expectancy.
Klick here for a picture showing the difference between a screen with Water Shed TechnologyTM and a screen without.
RAL 7016

Our fixed frame profiles, as well as the 41mm rectractable system, are now both available in RAL 7016 anthracite grey.

Please see our online catalogue in the Downloads section for all available profiles.

Fiberglass Vent-mesh
Fiberglass Vent-mesh

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